20 Ft Shipping Container House

20 Ft Shipping Container House is a house modified with a shipping container or a house designed to look like a container. With the opening of the network, it is easy to find pictures of such houses, some of which are used for workers on construction sites, and some are high-end container houses that are carefully designed by professional architects.
1. First of all, the container house is a trendy and fashionable building system. It is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also saves time and effort, is flexible and can be moved to where you need it.
2. Secondly, the interior of the container house is equipped with solar photovoltaic panels to provide power support. Solar water heaters, heating and water supply. The sewage treatment system can discharge and purify indoor showers and domestic water for reuse.
3. Finally, the container house is one of the movable board houses and is widely used on construction sites for daily use and rest for workers.
First, pay attention to drainage water. The container is a wrought iron structure as a whole. The basic work of drainage and water supply is done well, and it can be avoided in the later stage. Generally speaking, the ground surface installed in Hanzhong container houses should be higher than the surrounding terrain, and the drainage ditch should be excavated around the box.
In the summer rainy season, the top of the container should be covered with a "human" shaped canopy for rainwater to drain. There are two main solutions to the problem of water supply to containers. One is to connect the municipal water supply system, and the other is to increase the water tank. These two methods can be used together.
Second, pay attention to thermal insulation. The most common container house in Hanzhong is to provide shelter for workers at the construction site. The container itself does not have thermal insulation function, and it is hot in winter and hot in summer. In the summer, the outdoor temperature is 38°, and the temperature inside the container is often as high as 42°. Therefore, the thermal insulation layer is very important. After the container house is fixed, it is necessary to add a layer of soundproof cotton and heat insulation cotton to install air conditioning facilities.
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