Steel structure reinforcement technical measures

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Steel is also damaged, we immediately find immediate solution to the problem, the main structural steel network introduced steel damage:

1) due to changes in load, over-service, changes in norms and procedures lead to inadequate structural capacity;
2) As a result of a variety of accidental deformation of components, distortions, disability, depression, resulting in weakening member cross-section, bar warpage, connection cracking;
3) temperature difference caused by the deformation of components or connections, cracking and warping;
4) due to corrosion of chemicals and corrosion caused by chemical corrosion so that the cross-section of steel structures weakened;
5) Others Including design, production, construction errors and service during the irregular use and operation.
There are three main technical measures to reinforce steel structures:
1) Cross-Section Reinforcement Method: Steel reinforcement is used locally or along the entire length of the component to make it work together as a whole.
2) Change the calculation diagram: add additional support, adjust the load distribution, reduce the level of internal forces, for the statically indeterminate structural support for forced displacement, reducing the peak stress;
3) Prestressed cable method: the use of high-strength cables to strengthen the structural weak links or increase the overall structural capacity, stiffness and stability.

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