Development Of China's Steel Structure Buildings

- Dec 13, 2017 -

With the vigorous development of high-rise buildings in recent years in our country, steel structures can now be said to be very popular. However, the reliability and unreliability of economic applicability and cost of steel structures have always bewildered the construction industry. The first phase of China Steel The scale and speed of the development of structural buildings, especially light steel structures, have a great relationship with the economic performance of steel structures.
Now how do we control the cost of the steel structure of the building, control the cost of its construction, the overall use of steel structure and the superiority of its materials to reduce project cost has become an urgent need to do, in fact, the history of China's steel structure nor For a short time, the steel structure has obvious advantages for the traditional buildings, especially the steel concrete buildings, and has irreplaceable advantages in the construction period, the space span or the floor height to reduce its own weight.
At present, the state strongly encourages the development of steel structure projects. Although the construction cost may be higher than that of the traditional buildings, the overall performance will translate into some cost budgets. In the long run, the steel structure buildings Will gradually replace the traditional building, the cost of the mainstream building market.

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