Modular Container Room Leading The Fashion Trend Of The Future Building

- Dec 13, 2017 -

With the continuous development of China's construction, with the continuous exchange of Chinese and Western cultures, all aspects of the basic necessities of life, humankind is inseparable from material and spiritual needs. Especially on the living environment is more dependent on the dependent, different languages, expressing different ideas, showing different emotions. Different buildings, carrying different cultures, embody different beliefs. In Europe, container-type houses have been extensively used in construction sites because of their eco-friendliness, low transportation costs, good comfort, good thermal insulation, and reusability.

However, in our country, it was originally appeared in places such as Hong Kong. Our country began to popularize in China only from 2008, more than 20 years later than abroad. The development of China's container-type housing industry should learn more from abroad, learn from the experience of others and accelerate its own development.

Here to talk about the benefits of container houses: Container houses is another hit the fashion trend of the building system can be moved around the world to bring more convenience for people to live comfortably. The direct and indirect energy consumption of buildings in China accounts for 46.7% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, and the construction industry is also the main source of urban noise pollution and dust pollution. In the contemporary society, people are getting more and more living conditions. Now people's attitude towards architecture is based on novelty and slowly moves closer to western countries. The new word officially states that people are more and more concerned about the simple things, container box houses are slowly step by step to us, let us find their beauty. Look for an economical and stylish, that is to reduce pollution, but also the use of multiple living environment.

Container activities using steel frame, high strength, suitable for a variety of damp, corrosive environment, with waterproof, noise, moisture, sealed, easy to clean, easy to maintain, beautiful outside. Interior decoration, with hedging function, can be renovated during use. Lease. For sale, the last residue can be scrap sale. Reached the waste recycling and reuse. It perfectly maps the people's differences in utilization. Make people's lives have a qualitative change. Containers can completely change the status quo, you can install the water and electricity in the factory kitchen and toilet, all the equipment can be completed at the factory, and then can be shipped to the scene as a whole, connected to hydropower can be put into use, thermal insulation can be designed according to the temperature of different places, generous appearance . If you want to move the place, tow directly with the car, or packing box. Steel containers can also be irregular size, length and width can be adjusted appropriately, can be used as an office, can be used as restaurants, as well as places of entertainment and so on. Outer material can be based on preferences to match, can be done inside the wall, the wall can hang air conditioning. According to local conditions is the soul of green building, according to local climate, environment, resources and cultural elements of the military, specify practical technical measures and selection of products. As the economy continues to rise, the shortage of resources and lack of box-type houses can be recycled, green box houses will be more and more welcomed by everyone, favored.

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