Steel Structure Of The Development Model

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and industrialization.
In the latter part of the 20th century, the construction of residential houses in cities and towns in our country has been completed with an annual area of 440 million square meters and a total output value of 600 billion yuan (about 9% of GDP). The residential industry has become a new growth point in the new century in the national economy. Realizing the modernization of housing industry and solving the problems such as low level of industrialization, low unitization rate, low grade of residential timber, low life expectancy, high energy consumption of solid clay brick and environmental protection in the current residential construction have been listed in the urgent need to be solved in the new century The problem. China's construction industry requires the entire industry to study the new system of steel structure used in various types of construction, expand its scope of application, the development of multi-storey steel structure. Internationally, American designers and architects attach great importance to the study of metal structures and their durability, practicability and economy. European experts have suggested that steel structures have the green building conditions that are beneficial to the environment and energy-saving buildings. They think metal structure building has a good sense of space, can realize innovative planning and space design, construction, not only living, using, but also should consider to create more comfortable space for people, save energy space. In 1998, Japan produced 59 million tons of steel and 13% of the steel used in building structures. However, steel-framed houses account for a considerable proportion of structural steel, and Hong Kong is full of tall buildings. The earthquake in Taiwan clearly shows that steel structures are superior to reinforced concrete buildings. From the point of view of earthquake damage, most of the ordinary multi-storey houses are basically flattened and the steel structures do not collapse. Therefore, Taiwan authorities require that multi-storey buildings Always use steel structure. China's multi-storey residential and small high-rise residential steel structure pilot, starting from Tianjin. Tianjin uses three different structures, different wall materials, different construction methods of the program. Start the scale of more than 200,000 square meters pilot project. One is the use of square steel tube concrete column large bay structure; the second is the use of steel truss structure; the third is the use of concrete filled steel tube structure. The amount of steel used in the three structures is less than the amount of steel used in reinforced concrete structures. In Qingdao, Shanghai and Xinjiang are listed a certain area of housing construction projects for pilot. As China's current "steel residential" has just started, many structures are unable to mass production, therefore, the steel structure will be more expensive than the concrete structure. Beijing Jinchen apartment building units after calculation that, despite the overall price of steel is still relatively high, but due to short duration, low energy consumption, high utilization, improve the quality of grade, so the overall cost is not high, at the same time, because of this Is Beijing's first steel structure residential demonstration project, therefore, suppliers are the most favorable price to provide steel parts, the total cost of almost the same concrete structure.

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