Study On Construction Technology Of Thin Steel Structure Fireproof Coatings

- Dec 13, 2017 -

In the thin steel structure of water-based fire retardant paint formulations design and research, fire retardant paint construction technology research is also very important, the construction process conditions on the paint performance and decorative have a significant impact. The steel structure fireproof coating shall be constructed by a professional construction team qualified and qualified in training. The safety technology and labor protection requirements in construction shall be implemented according to the current relevant provisions of the state. The construction site quality management shall have corresponding technical standards for construction and quality Management system, quality control and inspection system, construction program and other technical documents. The construction of fire-retardant coating is to make the coating form the required coating on the surface of the object to be protected. The function of the decoration, protection and function of the fire-retardant coating on the surface of the protected substrate is represented by the coating film formed on the surface of the object. The research on the construction technology of thin steel water-based fire retardant coating includes three aspects: the research on the surface treatment of the steel substrate of the protected substrate and the research on the influence of the construction environment on the coating effect and the construction technology.

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