Talking About The Superiority Of Common Style Of Steel Structure Sandwich

- Dec 13, 2017 -

The so-called steel sandwich type is laid on the steel plate material, according to different requirements, such as: span, bearing and special structural performance requirements, select the corresponding steel sandwich mode.

1. Laying steel plate pressure plate
This program is safe, large load, no chatter, noise effects can be, but the cost of laying the board to be slightly higher, the construction period is slightly longer. For different large and small span of the building pattern, such as large-span homes, office buildings or factories. It is also one of the most commonly used methods to build steel sandwich

2. Laying light steel floor steel floor board
This program is safe and environmental protection, light weight, high strength, durable deformation, fast construction, short construction period, the installation can also be the upper flange with steel beams, the maximum use of effective space. For office buildings, villas, families and more.

3. Laying wooden plank
This method of low cost, light weight, short duration, but the sound insulation is not good, long wooden deformation will go up will sound, fire prevention, pest control, mildew effect is poor. Force ineffective, suitable for small span sandwich,

Each laying material properties are different, it is necessary to take into account the carrying capacity of the house sandwich; so decided to housing or office design mezzanine, be sure to ask professional staff to be an accurate measurement and evaluation. In order to avoid excessive use of certain losses.

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