The Basis Of The Development Of Steel Structure

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Steel products and building steel varieties increased for the development of steel laid a good foundation. China's steel output exceeded 100 million tons from 1996, and has become the world's steel power. As the country pays close attention to the progress of metallurgy and science and technology in the 21st century and enhances the technical level and assembly level of China's steel industry, it is expected that China will become the world around 2020 Steel power. H-beams that have not been produced in the past for a long time can now be produced at "Masteel", "Laiwu Steel" and Anshan No.1 Rolling Mill. H-section of the largest cross-section has reached 700mm, with an annual output capacity of up to 1.4 million tons, light steel structure with the current annual production capacity of color plate has reached 70-90 million tons, cold-formed steel annual production capacity of about 1200000 tons. This laid the foundation for the development of steel structure. During the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" period, the development goal of building steel structures is to strive to achieve an annual output of 3% of the steel products used in construction steel structures. In 2015, the goal of construction steel structure development is to strive for an annual steel consumption of 6% of the total amount of steel used in construction steel structures in China. Thus it can be seen that the development of China's construction steel structure will reach a new stage. Efficient welding process and new welding and cutting equipment applications. Such as double-sided forming monofilament and multi-wire submerged arc welding of various reverse lining method, double-wire double-wire rapid welding production line of gantry beam of gantry, various numerical control flame machines and laser cutting machines for efficient production and production of steel structures High quality products create good conditions. Efficient use of welding materials, such as gas shielded welding and self-shielded flux cored wire and a variety of efficient electrodes, welding materials to account for about 40% of the total output in 2005; friction-type bolts and the use of automatic torque control and corrosion, New technologies such as fire prevention and development of new materials have created good conditions for the further development of steel structures.

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