Steel Structure Farm Storage Shed

Steel Structure Farm Storage Shed

Product information Model NO.: TW-066 Usage: Farm shed Customized: Customized Components: Steel Column, Steel Beam, Steel Secondary Parts Installation Guidance: Yes Structure Joint Type: Bolt Joints Cladding Material: Steel Color Sheets/Sandwich Panels Wind Resistance: up to 180km/H Transport...

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Product Details

Product information

Model NO.: TW-066

Usage: Farm shed

Customized: Customized

Components: Steel Column, Steel Beam, Steel Secondary Parts

Installation Guidance: Yes

Structure Joint Type: Bolt Joints

Cladding Material: Steel Color Sheets/Sandwich Panels

Wind Resistance: up to 180km/H

Transport Package: Loaded in Containers

Origin: China

Material: Steel Structure

Certification: ISO, SGS

Steel Grade: Q235, Q345

Finish: Painted or Galvanized

Service Life: 50 Years

Building Type: Prefabricated Steel Structure

Seismic Resistance: Points

Specification: can be customized

HS Code: 9406000090

China Low Price Prefabricated Steel Structure farm Storage shed  :

Prefabricated steel structure shed is a new type of building structure system, which is formed by the main steel framework linking up H-section, Z-section, and U-section steel components, roof and walls using a variety of panels and other components such as windows and doors. Prefabricated steel structure shed is widely used in storage, processing, large factories, and so on.

Advantages of Prefabricated Steel Structure farm Storage shed :

I. Wide span: Single span or multiple spans, the max span can be more than 70 meters without middle column.
II. Low cost: Unit price range from USD35/sqm to USD90/sqm according to customers' request.
III. Fast construction and easy installation.
IV. Long using life: Up to 50 years.
V. Others: Environmental protection, stable structure, earthquake proofing, water proofing, and energy conserving.

QingDao TaiWei Steel Structure Co.,Ltd:

Benefits of Prefabricated Steel Structure farm Storage shed :

1. Lower Environmental Impact
Steel is one of the most sustainable construction materials. Its strength and durability coupled with its ability to be recycled, again and again, without ever losing quality, make it truly compatible with long term sustainable development.
2. Cost Effective and Quick to Build
Construction is quick and simple with the tugela steel portal frame system components. This means high quality results anywhere, using low-cost, low-skilled labour and shorter timeframes.
3. Strong and Design-flexible
Steel's inherent strength enables architectural and design flexibility
4. Durable and Safe
Exceptional resistance to fire, corrosion and pests, portal frame steel buildings are the first choice for extreme environmental conditions. Because steel doesn't need treating with pesticides, preservatives or glues, it's also safer for people handling and living or working around it.
5. Environmentally Friendly
Steel portal frame structures last longer, are light and easy to transport and create minimal raw material waste. At the end of its long life, steel can also be fully recycled.
6. Speed of Erection
Steel structures can be erected quite rapidly. This normally results in quicker economic payoff.
7. Repetitive Use
Steel can be reused after a structure is disassembled.
8. Quality of Construction
Steel structures can be built with high-quality workmanship and narrow tolerances.
9. Adaption of Prefabrication
Steel is highly suitable for prefabrication and mass production.
10. Ease of Repair
Steel structures in general can be repaired quickly and easily.
11. Fatigue Strength
Steel structures have relatively good fatigue strength.
Our Advantages on Prefabricated Steel Structure Farm Storage Shed: 

1. Long History and Rich Experience in Steel Structure Industry:
We have more than 15 years' experience with steel structure manufacturing and steel building projects running. During the past 15 years we have done many steel structure projects both at home and abroad. Now our projects stand in more than 60 countries around the world.

2. Advanced Equipment and Professional Production Line:
More than 300 well-trained workers running the 10 steel structure production lines all year round to ensure the project finished on time. All equipment is up to standard and all the facilities are maintained periodically by professional technicians.

3. Wide Range of Steel Structure Products:
Our products almost include all kinds of steel structure buildings, such as light steel workshops and warehouses, heavy industrial steel structure buildings, steel commercial buildings, prefab houses, container houses, steel structure aircraft hangars, space frame and pipe truss roofs, and mining belt conveyor galleries.

4. Solid Design and Management Ability:
We have more than 10 experienced engineers who are familiar with the structure design and management procedures of all steel structure projects. There is a high-qualified, high-efficiency and professional technical team ready to find best solutions for you at any time.

5. Best Service and Qualified QC Management:
Every one of our marketing managers is well trained and willing to provide best services. And we have a strict standard for finished products testing, to ensure the quality of all our steel structures. Meanwhile we have also passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certificates.

General Structural Steel Calculation Parameters Required for steel structure projects:

1,Location: ______(country)

2,Dimension: Length______mm*width______mm* eave height ______mm

3,Wind load: _____km/h, or _____KN/m2

4,Snow load: ______mm(maximum thickness), or ______ KN/m2

5,Seismic zone: ______zone, or ______grade

6,Doors: height______mm*width______mm, ______ pcs

7,Windows: height______mm*______mm, ______pcs

8,Claddings: wall material: steel corrugated sheet with insulation, or sandwich panels: EPS, PU, Fiber glass wool

9,Sunlight panel on the roof?

10,Ventilator on the roof?

11,Gutter: yes or no?

12,Crane: yes or no? If yes, _____units, lifting weight ____T, and lifting height______mm

13,Brick wall: height_____mm

Material List for this Product


Anchor bolts


steel frame + steel sheet


H section steel

Roof cladding

EPS sandwich panel

Tubular pillar

PU sandwich panel

Lattice column

Rockwool sandwich panel

Cross column

Corrugated steel sheet

Box column

Skylight panel


H section steel


Lattice beam

Wall cladding

EPS sandwich panel

Pipe truss 

PU sandwich panel

Space frame

Rockwool sandwich panel

Roof purlin

C section steel

Corrugated steel sheet

Z section steel


Decking floor

Wall purlin 

C section steel

Checkered steel plate

Tie bar

Steel pipes


Fiber glass wool

Roof bracing

Angle steel


High strength bolts

Steel pipes

Common bolts

Column bracing

Angle steel

Expansion bolts

Steel pipes



Pulling strap

Steel round bar



Steel pipes


Knee bracing

Angle steel

Down pipe


Why choose TAIWEI Steel Structure Co., Ltd?

Pre-sale Services: 
1. Consultant service
2. Primay design
3. Assist client to choose suitable construction plan
4. Price calculation
Sale Services:
1. Submission of support reaction data for foundation
2. Submission of construction drawing
3. Providing requirement of embedding
4. Construction Manual
5. Fabrication & packing
6. Delivery
After-sale Services:
1. Installation supervision
2. Instruction of using after installation completed