Steel Building Kits

  • H Steel

    H Steel

    H steel is a new type of economic building steel. H type steel cross section shape is reasonable in economy, good mechanical properties, rolling each point on the extended section is uniform,...

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  • Steel Column Bracing
  • Composite Insulated Roofing Sheets

    Composite Insulated Roofing Sheets

    Composite insulated roofing sheets are used in large industrial buildings, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, hospitals, cold stores, movable rooms, building floors, clean workshops, and places...

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  • EPS Sandwich Panel

    EPS Sandwich Panel

    Qingdao Tai Wei steel Structure Co.,Ltd has been specializing in designing and manufacturing steel structure workshop, Prefabricated steel warehouse building, steel aircraft hanger, Poultry house...

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  • Fiberglass Composite Sandwich Panels

    Fiberglass Composite Sandwich Panels

    Fiberglass composite sandwich panel is melted and then fiberized by adding binder curing processed glass wool felt products, and glass wool fiber diameter is determined by the centrifugal...

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  • Fiberglass Sandwich Panel

    Fiberglass Sandwich Panel

    Fiberglass sandwich panel It is a lightweight, heat-resistant, elastic and otherwise thermal insulation material. It is widely used in chemical industry, medicine, factory, heavy industry...

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  • PU Foam Sandwich Panel

    PU Foam Sandwich Panel

    What is polyurethane sandwich panel: Polyurethane sandwich panel is also called with high quality color coated steel as the panel, the core material using polyurethane raw materials, after high...

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  • Rockwool Insulation Sandwich Panel

    Rockwool Insulation Sandwich Panel

    Rockwool insulation sandwich panel is based on basalt and other natural ore as the main raw material, high temperature melting into fiber, adding appropriate amount of binder, curing processing...

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